10 Things to Know About Pontoon Boats

Feb 14, 2023

10 Things to Know About Pontoon Boats

Although they might not resemble your typical watercraft, pontoon boats are versatile boat styles. They’re easy to operate, maintain, and are safe under appropriate conditions. If you’re a first-time boat owner, we recommend this watercraft, which can be customizable and luxurious. You’ll discover that they aren’t merely for leisure. Rather, they can function commercially. Generally, these boats feature huge, flat decks, which you’ll find mounted above two or three metal tubes called pontoons. Due to the recent innovations in their tube design, these boats can attain higher speeds as builders discover ways of increasing the horsepower they can handle. Our guide reveals insightful information on what you should know about pontoon boats and whether or not you need a marine fuel bladder for it.

Pontoon Boats - Maine Fuel Bladder

Types of Pontoon Boats

The first choice to make when buying a pontoon boat is the type. While all pontoons are good choices, some differences exist between them. We highlight various styles to help you determine the one that suits you.

Performance Pontoons

If you’re seeking a boat that offers great speed, you require a boat with considerable horsepower on the stern. You’ll find some boats attain up to 900 horsepower.

Watersport Pontoons

You can use pontoons to tow water skiers, tubers, and wakeboarders. You simply need sufficient horsepower and something to use as a mount or towing pole. If you’re a fan of watersports you’ll enjoy this category of pontoons very conveniently.

We recommend it because they feature sports arches with brackets for storing skis and boards as well as mounts for towlines. If you’re in the habit of venturing long distances, you can prolong your range through a marine fuel bladder, which allows you to enjoy cruising without the inconvenience of time-consuming fuel stops.

Fishing Pontoons

If you’re in the market for a fishing boat, we recommend this type, which is great for spending a day on the water. They come with considerable deck space, which translates into more room for fishing poles and live wells, and other tackle equipment.

Since this boat sits high on the water, it’s possible to venture into shallow waters, enabling you to maximize your fishing capabilities. Also, you’ll enjoy the fact that a marine fuel bladder comes in handy if you use your boat for fishing.

Where to Purchase Pontoon Boats

We recognize that these boats make excellent choices if you’re looking to enjoy the water without spending too much money. You’ll have the chance to spend money on the aspects you want with their tailored options. Before purchasing your boat, we advise you to research to determine the size and engine you want. Furthermore, you should familiarize yourself with the available financing options and what you’re eligible for.

Pontoon Boat - Maine Fuel Bladder

Why They Are Popular

  • Their Helm Can be Raised

One of the major reasons why these boats are extremely popular is that they frequently feature a raised helm, making them ideal for parties. This feature permits captains to keep an eye on the passengers and provides a great view of the open waters, making them suitable for beginners.

  • Safety

These boats comprise a distinct design, permitting them to stand somewhat taller than most cruisers. Furthermore, their shape prevents them from tilting too much, allowing easy maneuverability. We recommend it if you’re a beginner because it’s slower and enables easy handling. This means that you can dock them more easily than other boat types.

Where Can You Drive Them?

Rivers and lakes are popular places for driving pontoons. Alternatively, you can take them in the ocean if you reside within some miles of the shore. Although these boats cut through small waves well, it can get dangerous if you start encountering rough water or large waves. We warn against using your boat in saltwater because it can corrode pontoon boats, which are for freshwater use.

It is Appropriate for You?

Establish how you intend to use the boat and the activities you want to use it for. You’ll discover these boats are great for cruising through fresh water and socializing. However, we don’t recommend this boat if you intend to venture far from the shore or spend your evening sleeping on the vessel.

What Features Distinguish Pontoons?

  • Height

Unlike the average boat, these boats can sit above the water. This means there’s a decreased likelihood of being splashed by water or being sprayed while cruising. Also, we appreciate the fact that the height helps these boats cut through waves, resulting in a smooth ride.

  • Engine

Numerous boats feature an internal engine. However, pontoons comprise an outboard engine, which enables easy maintenance and has enhanced fuel efficiency over inboard motors.

  • What Are Their Cons?

This boat style doesn’t suit everyone. For instance, if you want to get into racing, you’re not in the right direction. We recognize that these boats don’t handle rough water well. If a huge wave hits this boat, it can dive down, potentially causing the boat to dive. Therefore, if you intend to head out to the sea, you’re better off considering another option.

Furthermore, if you intend to use the boat for waterskiing or wakeboarding, you’ll notice that these boats have their wake, so you might not get as much air as you’re accustomed to.

What Does a Marine Bladder Do?

A marine fuel bladder works by transporting liquids safely, especially for boats. However, you can use them for transporting various kinds of liquids. The major benefit of having a fuel bladder for boats is that you can deploy it fast to offer enhanced fuel capacity when necessary. Furthermore, the compact design means you can fold it away for purposes of easy storage.

Benefits of Marine Bladders

A fuel bladder for boats allows boaters to save deck space because of its innovative design. Whether you operate a pontoon for fishing or watersports, a marine fuel bladder will meet your needs. Since our fuel bladders come in various sizes, they offer an affordable, convenient means of storing additional fuel when necessary. You need an extended-range fuel bladder if you want to achieve longer runs, access the best fishing spots, or enjoy long-distance cruises without making unnecessary stops.

If you’re a first-time boat owner who’s in the market for a boat, you might want to try out a pontoon boat, which offers various benefits. Whether you enjoy fishing or watersports, we find this vessel convenient. Once you invest in a pontoon coupled with a fuel bladder for boats, you’ll enjoy your investment.

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