All You Need to Know About Boat Docking Options and a Marine Fuel Bladder

Feb 28, 2023

Marine Fuel Bladders – All You Need to Know About Boat Docking Options

A marine bladder is useful when docking your boat, providing several advantages over traditional fuel storage options, including rigid tanks and fixed integrated fuel tanks.

Marine fuel bladders are versatile and durable, and they’re made to the highest quality standards to ensure safety and compliance with any relevant local regulations or rules enforced at a public or commercial boat dock.

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Marine Fuel Bladder - Boat Docking Options

Why Would You Need Marine Fuel Bladders for Boat Docking?

Whether you are docking long or short-term, a marine fuel bladder can provide additional capacity and range for your vessel. This applies whether considering personal vessels used for fishing and recreation, right through to commercial fishing boats and the largest transportation vessels.

A Marine fuel bladder adds additional storage capacity that goes beyond the integrated storage. They can be stored above or below the deck depending on space availability and your unique needs. At Techno Group, we produce custom fuel bladders marine storage systems, so you can get the perfect solution.

The Technical Advantages of Fuel Bladders Marine Storage

Fuel bladders marine storage can provide several benefits, like the mentioned fuel capacity improvements, along with flexibility and ease of installation. When using fuel bladders marine storage for commercial transportation of fuel, it’s possible to get custom sizes that increase the carrying capacity on your vessel.

Bladders are extremely efficient for docking because they can be loaded empty and fueled on the vessel, limiting transportation costs. A fuel bladder for a boat can be filled at any docking refueling point with ease.

marine fuel bladder over mat

Consider the major advantages of a fuel bladder for boats…

  • Flexibility and portability are two of the most important benefits when choosing fuel bladders for storage. The bladders are made from proprietary flexible materials that can be easily packed down and stored after purging and cleaning. They are an excellent choice for private and commercial boat owners that want a versatile solution for infrequent or temporary fuel storage.
  • The size is customizable, which makes it easy to get the perfect solution for your vessel. In addition to being able to order custom sizes of Techno Tanks™, fuel bladders can also be filled below capacity to suit your unique needs at the time.
  • A fuel bladder for boats is easy to install and won’t require any specialized equipment. Whether installed in hold storage or above the deck, bladders simply need a flat and stable surface. Bladders are insulated with a unique exterior and interior layer, so they resist the elements. They are suitable for all weather conditions, making them ideal for commercial shipping routes or private trips across unique regions.
  • Bladders can be used to increase the fuel capacity of private vessels. They are lighter than traditional rigid storage containers, so they can also improve fuel economy when carrying additional fuel. If you’re looking for an effective and affordable range extension solution, a fuel bladder for boats will be the perfect solution.
  • Bladders are safe and have a lower risk of fuel spills when compared to rigid storage containers. Fuel storage is paramount when docking and when out on the water. Techno Tanks™ uses proprietary designs and advanced materials to meet the highest safety and reliability standards. It’s important to choose fuel bladders made by a reliable company with extensive experience. Techno Tanks™ are produced by Techno Group, a company with more than 15 years of experience in the flexible bladder storage industry.

The advantages of Techno Tanks™ mean you can make a reliable investment in lasting products suited to docking and operating at sea.

Follow Fuel Storage Best Practices When Using a Boat Gas Tank Bladder

Even with the inherent safety of Techno Tanks™ boat gas tank bladders, it’s critical that you follow general safety precautions when using any type of fuel storage device. The rules can vary depending on where you are docking your boat, so it’s important to be aware of all local regulations.

  • Always follow local regulations as well as the rules of the marina, port, or docking facility. Rules can vary when it comes to storing fuel on boats, so be sure to research these based on where you will dock, and ask for information if you aren’t aware of the specific local regulations.
  • Always use approved fuel containers. Any fuel that is stored above or below the deck should meet minimum safety standards. Techno Tanks™ exceed minimum international safety standards for marine fuel storage.
  • Keep containers in well-ventilated areas and securely stowed. Check tanks frequently for any damage or leaks and replace tanks that are worn or that have displayed any problems in the past.
  • Never overfill tanks. Techno Tanks™ marine storage bladders are rated for a maximum pressure of 5 PSI. Sizes range from 30 to 250 gallons in stock sizes, although custom sizes are also available. Overfilling tanks can create a serious safety risk.
  • Keep fuel away from open flames and avoid smoking near any type of fuel storage, including bladders, integrated storage, and rigid containers.
  • Check all components of the fuel storage and fuel lines frequently, including tanks, hoses, and other components. Look for leaks and signs of damage. Clean up any accidents or spills immediately and replace storage components that have failed or degraded with wear and tear.

By following these simple storage rules, you can ensure safety for your vessel, yourself, and members of your crew/guests on your boat whenever docking. These rules should be followed no matter where you are operating your boat or where you choose to store it.

Bladders are the Best Fuel Storage Option When Docking Your Boat

You have three options for fuel storage when docking a boat. Internal storage is the most fundamental option but also comes with limitations. Rigid containers are reliable but less practical. Fuel bladders are the most versatile and reliable option, with the peace of mind that comes from the inherent safety of advanced marine fuel bladders.

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