Do’s and Don’ts When Choosing Your First Boat and Marine Fuel Bladder

Mar 15, 2023

Do’s and Don’ts When Choosing Your First Boat

Boat ownership is a big investment, so you shouldn’t purchase on a whim. That’s why you must be smart when shopping for a new boat. Remember, purchasing a boat resembles a home purchase. If you select the wrong one, you could end up frustrated. On the other hand, if you do it right, you’ll enjoy your purchase. Whether you’re already a boat owner and simply want a new addition, or it’s your first-time purchase, we recommend these do’s and don’ts s to make the right decision and how your decision effects the marine fuel bladder you need.

marine fuel bladder - choosing your first boat


Establish the Boat Size

When it comes to the boat size you’ll buy, your permitted budget will be the major deciding factor. We appreciate that various aspects are worth considering while determining the suitable boat size, including location, towing, and storage.

You must consider the number of people you’ll host on your new vessel. We recommend a big vessel if you intend to host a huge group of people. Where towing is concerned, we must be mindful that bigger boats need heavier vehicles to aid their transportation.

We equally recognize the importance of considering the size of the waterbody before purchasing a boat. A somewhat bigger boat would be more sensible if you intend to boat on bigger waterways. Conversely, smaller canals require smaller boats. We recognize that storage is also important. Therefore, if you’re storing your vessel at a private marina, you must understand that storing larger boats is more costly.

Consider Annual Expenses

Introducing a boat into your lifestyle comes at a cost. Beware that these costs are reliant on your boat’s size and how frequently you take the vessel out of the marina. You must consider these factors carefully before settling on a purchase.

Remember, every boat needs annual maintenance, like any other car. A mechanic will examine your engine, oil, and other appliances, at a particular cost. We recommend you set aside some money if you want to update significant appliances, for instance, the water heater, which is especially significant to consider if you’re using your vessel during cooler weather. Top-notch water and air heaters will ensure your passengers enjoy a comfortable and luxurious experience.

marine fuel bladder for boats

Get Assistance from a Broker

Boat brokers are specialized in their field of expertise, so we recognize the need to engage those who are knowledgeable about the boat type that interests you. When purchasing a boat, a broker will act as your representative and will research comparable boats you make the best decision. Once the sale is complete, the broker will earn a percentage of the broker’s commission.

Consider your Experience and Needs

You might be tempted to buy the most powerful speed boat or the biggest offshore vessel you can afford. Conversely, if you’re concerned about the price, you might think it’s best to purchase a smaller boat. However, you must consider your experience and level.  For instance, we don’t re commend a bigger or more powerful vessel if you’re a first-time owner. At the same time, a small boat might not provide the space and comfort you need. You’ll also need to consider a marine fuel bladder if you’ll use your vessel on long voyages.


Settling on the First Boat

Examining some models from various manufacturers in your desired priced range and size is your best chance at making the smartest purchase. Like other major investments, the more vessels you evaluate, the more experience you attain and the more confident you’ll be in your decision. We advise against settling for the first boat because you’ll probably miss out on other vessels if you’re impulsive.

Incorrect Budgeting

The initial boat price is just the beginning of ongoing costs, so we emphasize the need for careful budgeting. You must consider annual costs, including berthing and marina fees, maintenance, and insurance. We understand that boat owners lose boat enjoyment when funding becomes troublesome. It’s equally worth noting that the failure to keep up with maintenance schedules means your asset will devalue fast. Your marine fuel bladder requires minimal maintenance.

Not Researching Models and Marine Fuel Bladder Size Needed

Purchasing a boat is perhaps one of the biggest purchases you’ll make, so you must understand what you are getting. We recommend you take some time before you commit to understand various models, their pros and drawbacks.

We value information from those who’ve owned various models and find it necessary to investigate dealers’ reputation. Once you’ve shortlisted the boats you’re interested in, make sure you research the resale values, particularly if you’re buying a used boat. We recommend websites that help compare similar boat models. Once you select a strong contender, avoid rushing into buying used boat without investigating the history thoroughly and undertaking an expert survey.

Not considering the Boat’s Style

Before you begin your boat search, you must consider how you’ll use it. You must determine whether you’ll use it to cruise during the weekend. If this is the case, it requires a galley and cabin. If you intend to use it for entertaining friends and family on coastal waters or lakes, we recommend a model with enough seating space and decks.

Once you begin your search, you could easily get swayed by vessels, which don’t match your needs. That’s why you should be prepared with a list of needs to help in your decision making. That said, make sure you’re open to recommendations from brokers who are greatly experienced in this field. Just make sure you don’t lose sight of your needs. Don’t forget that the boat style might need a specific style marine fuel bladder.

What is a Marine Fuel Bladder

A marine fuel bladder works to transport liquids safely, particularly for race boats. However, you can use them for all kinds of liquid transport. The bladder offers a great way to transport and contain all kinds of fuel, oils, and water. Our marine fuel bladders offer an affordable and convenient means of storing extra fuel when required. Furthermore, they come in various sizes and permit easy storage.

Why Invest in our Marine Fuel Bladder

Our marine fuel bladders come in custom sizes and shapes to suit a broad array of fuels and marine applications and fit directly into a vessel’s hull. You can use our marine bladders for a new vessel, or fit them in a current integral tank and can’t be eliminated from the vessel.

You’ll find our marine fuel bladders in various boats, including fishing boats and leisure yachts. You’ll want to invest in them because they provide considerable weight-saving over other tank solutions.  The customer service we offer enables numerous decades of whichever experience. Remember, the shapes of fuel bladder can be as simple or as complex as you desire.

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