Popular Marine Fuel Bladder Sizes and Their Uses

Nov 13, 2022

Popular Marine Fuel Bladder Sizes and Their Uses

If you’re planning a long boat or fishing trip but lack sufficient fuel capacity, a marine fuel bladder is exactly what you need. Fuel bladders use industrial sewing technology in their manufacture, and are crucial to smooth operations for numerous applications.

Remember, it isn’t just your lawnmower or vehicle that requires gas to function. Anything we use for power and locomotion need fuel supply, typically some kind of liquid, frequently petroleum-based. The same way we gas up our vehicle is the same way we gas up airplanes and generators. While this fuel storage typically occurs in tanks, at times a more flexible material is necessary. Here’s why we need a marine fuel bladder.

Why Use marine fuel bladders

Why use Marine Fuel Bladders?

For the most part, we know that fuel storage occurs through solid tanks. We further appreciate that metal tanks are beneficial for numerous applications because they’re sturdier and developed for particular purposes, like a boat or tanker truck.

Moving huge fuel quantities from location to the next in cases where transportation logistics allow it, the obvious means to use would be metal tanks. However, they aren’t perfect. Neither are they suitable for all implementation.

Marine fuel bladders offer a great addition to numerous marine vessels. Manufactured from a sturdy external fabric, our flexible tanks provide reliable storage for additional fuel. You can access marine fuel bladders throughout long trips to refill your fuel tank without docking or returning to shore.

Typical fuel bladders come in various sizes, ranging from 25 to 1000 gallons and are equipped to accommodate various fuel types, including diesel.


Bladders Sizes

Small Sizes

These sizes are available in 30, 60, or 80 gallons. We use them to prolong water sports activities or fishing trips.

Medium Sizes

These are available in 100 or 150 gallons. You find that tour boats use them mostly as well as those looking to enhance their vessel’s range.

Large Sizes

These are available in 200, 250, or 300 gallons. They’re typically for long distances or remaining offshore for prolonged periods.


Benefits of Fuel Bladders


Marine fuel bladders aren’t merely flexible in the sense that we use them in various cases and with numerous possible deployments. The main trait of a marine fuel bladder is the material that manufactures it. By manufacturing a fuel container from various fabrics, typically coated in a flexible polymer, the coating enables our bladders to sustain their shape when filled to avoid leakage and provide water-proofing.


The major reason to use a fuel bladder for boats rather than tanks is the capacity to transfer them from one place to another efficiently and easily. Since fuel bladders comprise high-tech coatings and contemporary industrial fabrics rather than rigid metal, we can fold them and move them wherever necessary.

Once empty, a fuel bladder consumes a fraction of the space it did once full. This portability feature allows those in remote locations to have the necessary gas for generating power or fueling vehicles for all kinds.


By using a fabric-made tank, users can easily exchange the bladder for a different one. For instance, what was functioning previously might become dysfunctional, prompting you to obtain a different-sized bladder. The capacity for users to change fuel bladder size is a major benefit a solid steel can’t match.


Marine Fuel Bladder Types

Pillow Bladders

Pillow bladders offer an excellent means of containing and transporting all kinds of fuel, oils, and portable water. The collapsible bladders permit easy storage in small, confined spots.

For years, these bladder types have been a standard. They’re designed to prolong your cruising range as a reserve for secondary fuel. However, they’re also very compact when it comes to the storage. If you need to extend your vessel’s range throughout an ocean crossing or fishing tournament, we recommend pillow bladders.

These bladders come in various standard sizes besides offering a convenient and affordable means of storing additional fuel.

Space Saver Marine Bladder

This type of fuel bladder consumes up to 40% less deck space than other kinds of fuel bladders. After all, they feature an innovative design that decreases the deck space used.

Nonetheless, you’ll still be able to make longer runs to access the best fishing areas or just cruise further without engaging in time-consuming stops. All standard models comprise a ¾” ball valve along with a 2-inch vented standpipe.

It’s worth noting that typical fuel tanks are for gasoline or diesel fuel, so you want to make sure you consult if you’re thinking of storing other liquids. Whether you use a fishing charter or a yacht, we recommend this fuel bladder for boats. When the bladder isn’t in use, it folds away to enable easy storage throughout the rest of your trip.

These bladders offer a convenient and affordable means for storing extra fuel when required. They’re flexible, lightweight, and easy to store and deploy. Some manufacturers include deck mats to protect the boat deck and fuel bladder. The durable mats are further meant to offer secure stowaway and transport the fuel bladder.

Marine Fuel Bladder for Current Tanks

Some manufacturers offer these bladders in the market. They seek to repair current leaky tanks. Whether you use that tank for accommodating fuel or portable water, the bladder’s design can meet your needs. We recommend this bladder if you’re seeking a cost-effective means of fixing your issue without the need for replacing the entire tank.

The collapsible tanks can fit through a tiny access hole needing minimal modification. This prevents the need to make large cuts in your vessel’s deck or side.

marine fuel bladder for military

Military Marine Fuel Bladder

The construction of these bladders meets various military specifications. They comprise advanced fittings, fabrics, and manufacturing procedures. Their main function includes the storage of diesel oil, crude oil, or gasoline.

If you’re looking to invest in a marine fuel bladder, you want to be well-informed before making a decision. The last thing you want to do is to rush only to end up with poor quality. Thankfully, our insightful guide will help you make an informed decision.

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