Top 10 Freshwater Fishing Lures

Apr 30, 2023

Top 10 Freshwater Fishing Lures

Freshwater fishing lures are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors and with the numerous choices, it can be overwhelming trying to determine the best lure even for expert anglers. Remember, lures for freshwater fishing differ from traditional baits because they’re meant to imitate a baitfish or small creature. When shopping for lures, we recommend you read reviews to obtain a clue on what fellow anglers think. Alternatively, you can inquire from family members or friends. If you’re planning to fish in freshwater, you need the right lures to enjoy a relaxing moment outdoors. We highlight the top lures for freshwater fishing and touch base on why you need a marine fuel bladder for your vessel.

Fresh Water Fishing Lures - marine fuel bladders

Fishing Jigs

You’ll find the commonly-used lures with a weighted head and a tail comprising animal hair, feathers, soft plastic, or rubber. We recommend this lure for catching almost any type of saltwater and freshwater fish. Furthermore, the lure is ideal for bass and other freshwater game in deep and shallow water bodies.


These metal lures are meant to mimic the movement of a minnow or swimming baitfish. These lures are one of the most popular because of their versatility and ease of use. Based on how and where you’re fishing, you’ll need the appropriate spoon-weedless, casting, or trolling spoons.

Bear in mind that different spoons have varied actions as well as colors based on the kind of species and water you’re fishing. These lures are very popular in ponds, lakes, and other freshwater spots. While shopping for spoon lures, consider the type of game and cover you expect to encounter, choosing from small, large, and medium options with a treble or single hook.


These lures have a woody or plastic body and are meant for use above the water or at depths beneath the surface. Floating or topwater plugs are meant to float on the surface. It’s worth noting that diving plugs have metal or plastic lips, so they’ll dive to a particular depth.

Plastic Baits

The lightweight-plastic-made baits are affordable and most are scented particularly to attract fish in unique ways. Based on the location in which you’re fishing, you can tailor your plastic bait with jig heads, weights, or spinners. These baits resemble live bait, for instance, lizards and worms. We recommend them for fishing largemouth bass.

Live Bait

This is the natural way of attracting fish to your line. Numerous anglers prefer it because it comprises a smell, taste, and texture. Just beware that live bait requires acclimation, proper storage, and cleanup. If you wish to use live bait in freshwater, you’ll have to use bait that would typically reside in the spot you’re fishing in. Common live bait choices for freshwater fishing include worms and leeches.


This popular lure imitates a baitfish or other tiny aquatic creature. They’re frequently used for catching bass, trout, and other predatory fish. You’ll find they’re usually made of hair, feathers, or synthetic materials.


These tiny lures work with spin-casting tackle and are excellent for pan fish and other fish varieties that flourish on the surface, for instance, bass and trout.


These lures comprise one blade or more that revolve or spin. You’ll find that certain spinners feature tails made of animal hair or soft plastic.

Surface Lures

These lures imitate things such as lizards and frogs. Typically, they have a solid body made of plastic or wood and comprise an eyelet to fix your fishing line.

Crank Lures

Also called a crankbait, the fish-like lure swims beneath the surface.

marine fuel bladder over mat

Factors that Attract Fish


Moving Lures in the water attract fish. This movement simulates prey motion, which triggers a fish’s hunting instinct. Also, motion is an excellent way of getting a fish’s attention, particularly in dark or murky water. That’s why baits that spin or wobble so frequently are effective.


Bright colors are frequently more noticeable in murky water, so they can be efficient in attracting fish. However, we recognize that varied fish species are drawn to different colors. For instance, dark colors such as blue and black attract the bass while brighter colors such as yellow and red attract trout.

Numerous anglers experiment with various colors to determine what works best for the kind of fish they want to catch. The safest way of doing so is by securing the tackle box with varied colors of lures to make sure you’re prepared for anything.

Marine Fuel Bladders

If you enjoy long fishing trips, we recommend you invest in marine fuel bladders, which are available in custom sizes and shapes. Whether you own a new vessel or not, a marine fuel bladder can fit in an existing tank.

You’ll find these bladders in various boats, including fishing, race boats, and leisure yachts. You can count on our bladders to provide considerable weight saving over other solutions. Furthermore, you can insert them into vessels through much smaller apertures than rigid substitutes.

Why Anglers Need Fuel Bladders

Whether you require a simple or complex marine fuel bladder, we recommend them for maximizing the fuel capacity of any boat. If you’re a fishing enthusiast, our marine fuel bladders allow you to make longer runs to access the best spots or enjoy a longer cruise without time-consuming stops. Our bladders enable the safe storage of auxiliary fuel for prolonged voyages. Although fuel bladders are meant to transport liquids safely, we understand that they can work for all kinds of liquid transport.

Another benefit is that they offer a convenient, affordable way of storing additional fuel when necessary. Our lightweight and flexible bladders are easy to store and deploy.

Benefits of Fuel Bladders

Investing in our marine fuel bladder means it can contract or expand according to the fuel it accommodates. Besides the logistical benefits, this ensures your stored fuel doesn’t contact air. This minimizes the likelihood of combustion while increasing safety. Furthermore, our reliable marine fuel bladders offer dependable storage with negligible maintenance. You want to position the fuel bladder above the vessel’s deck where there’s a decreased likelihood of fuel accumulating below the deck.

If you’re a fishing enthusiast who’s accustomed to extended trips, we recommend you invest in a marine fuel bladder to store extra fuel.

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