Oct 16, 2022

A power boat or speedboat is an engine-powered boat. Some motorboats come fitted with inboard engines while others comprise an installed outboard motor on the rear, comprising the gearbox and the propeller in a portable unit. It’s worth noting that some power boats feature a hybrid inboard-outboard engine, where the internal combustion engine is fitted in a boat’s interior while the propeller and gearbox are located externally. These boats differ greatly in size, and we recommend you conduct research before investing in a power boat. This guide offers a list of power boats to consider and helps you understand the role of marine fuel bladders.

XO 250

The fabrication of this boat comes from a 5083 marine-grade hull, resulting in its durability and lightweight features. There’s considerable attention to detail in this type, with neat internal lines that permit numerous built-in features.

The boat features a shock-absorbing bucket seat with conveniently located switches and instruments. You’ll find a perfect seating position, which offers clear visibility without you having to stand during fast helming.

We recommend this boat if you need a watercraft that blends practicality, seakeeping, and style. Some of the pros of this boat include rapid performance, excellent handling, and solid build. However, the rear bench seat lacks a replacement option.


If you need a distinctly solid power boat such as German vehicles, this option is perhaps your best. You’ll find that the typical Scandinavian boat features a cockpit and deck. Beneath this power boat, you’ll find a carefully concealed double berth, which you can access via the aft bench seat.

You can convert the forward seating location into a sunbathing spot, while the boat features a huge bathing platform that can accommodate a semi-deflated spot. Some of the associated benefits include safety and practicality, speedy performance, and easy deck movement. On the other hand, several extra features need inclusion as standard items.

Beneteau Gran Turismo 40

The 40-footer boat performs differently from the norm.  The boat features a regimented normal layout, including a double hem and chaise longue. You’ll also find a central double berth, center cabin, and dinette.

While the boat is lightweight, this feature isn’t noticeable. Furthermore, the cockpit has enough seats and room. Some of the associated benefits include an effective and distinct layout, solid build, and great value. However, there’s a single windscreen wiper and a somewhat compromised mid-cabin storage.

Cranchi Z35T

The rare breed falls in the sports-cruisers category and features a sun-soaked cockpit. You’ll find impressive accommodation beneath the decks as well as abundant storage. Also, the saloon comes with excellent headroom and smart detailing while the galley comprises adequate storage. Other pros include a good finish and detailing; attractive styling, and sufficient space beneath decks. The drawbacks include an uncomfortable helm seat as well as a restricted engine room.

marine fuel bladder over mat

Four Winns VISTA 255

The capable vessel is suitable for a small family or a couple. Although the boat is efficient and fairly fast, it’s not meant to be a sports boat, making it great for weekend cruising. The boat features a well-elevated cockpit, particularly because of its size. This implies that you’ll enjoy great visibility, whether seating or standing.

You’ll find a convertible back seat or sunbed set up in the cockpit and a tilting backrest. We recommend the boat because of its excellent cockpit, fast and easy steering; safety, and practicality. However, beware of its inability to tolerate adverse weather and unfeasible galley design.

Marine fuel bladders

How to Choose a Power Boat

Three options exist when it comes to purchasing a power boat: a brand new, custom-made, or used boat. Regardless of your choice, you shouldn’t compromise these considerations because they’ll determine whether you’ll find the investment enjoyable. We recommend you consider these factors:

Electronic needs

We recommend a boat with sufficient space for your electronics such as a radio tester and marine radio.


Boat ownership means having the capacity to include upgrades or customize it. Therefore, we recommend you choose one that provides flexible customization.

Engine accessibility

We recommend a vessel with an accessible engine, making it easy to examine fluid levels and access the battery.


Some boats lack good visibility from the helm station, increasing the likelihood of a collision with an oncoming boat.

When buying a power boat, we recommend reviews from boaters who own your desired vessel. You’ll find useful information from various forums. If you’re purchasing a new boat, determine whether there’s after-sales service. We recommend you deal with a manufacturer that will sustain a one-on-one relationship and open client communication channels.

Fuel Bladders

Marine fuel bladders are ideal for storing marine fuels and waste liquids, for instance, oils. It’s worth noting that fuel bladders are designed to support the storage capacity and weight of the tank. Typical fabrics include military-grade materials and high-strength fittings that accommodate demanding liquids, usually seen in marine and industrial applications.

A custom-made fuel bladder for boats is ideal for various applications, for instance, diesel storage. Custom-made bladders can be designed to distinct measurements to suit the accessible space or fit into an unusable space. Bladders can be for a new boat or fit into an integral tank that has a leak and can’t be taken out from a vessel.

Functions of Fuel Bladders

Marine fuel bladders are an excellent addition to numerous marine vessels. Manufactured from a robust external fabric, they provide reliable and tough fuel storage. Throughout prolonged trips, you can access a fuel bladder for boats to refill tanks without docking or returning to shore.

Bladders provide a considerable weight saving over other solutions, and insertion can occur through smaller apertures.

Features of a Reliable Bladder Tank

  • Lightweight
  • A reliable fuel bladder for boats should be immune to vibration and impact because of the bladder technology. This implies that they won’t exhibit stress fractures, usually evident in fabricated tanks.  
  • Durability
  • Compatibility with diesel, petrol, and bio-fuels
  • Marine fuel bladders should be foam-filled to decrease slosh and suppress explosions

Boats come in various models and sizes, so you want to conduct due diligence and understand your needs before you decide to invest in a vessel. This guide offers insightful information that will help you make an informed decision.

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