Top 7 Freshwater Fishing Spots in Florida

Oct 26, 2023

Top 7 Freshwater Fishing Spots in Florida

Florida ranks among the best states when it comes to freshwater fishing. With more than 7500 lakes along with various rivers and reservoirs, anglers tend to be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the best freshwater fishing spot. If you’re thinking of undertaking freshwater fishing in this state, we recommend you check the regulations to determine the bag limits, length limits of various species, and any unique rules. It’s worth noting that you’ll also need a license for freshwater fishing in this state. Don’t forget to carry a marine fuel bladder as well during your fishing trip. If you’re looking to engage in this activity, this list is worth checking out.

marine fuel bladder - Top 7 Freshwater Fishing Spots in Florida

Lake Okeechobee

This lake is the largest in Florida and is situated on the south-central segment of the Florida peninsula. The spot has gained national recognition for supporting quality black crappie and largemouth bass fisheries.

We recommend the spot because it can support commercial and recreational fishery interests. You’ll find the lake situated about two hours from Miami and you can fish in the spot with live bait such as shiners or use topwater lures, for instance, poppers and frogs.

It’s worth noting that this spot is a multiple-use resource, which accommodates valuable sport and commercial fisheries, offers flood control, and functions as a reservoir for irrigation and potable water for a greater part of South Florida.

Some of the biggest international fishing tournaments occur at this lake, which helps boost the profile of global anglers. Moreover, we recommend the lake because of its size, which prevents overcrowding. Simultaneously, various restorative measures are in place to make sure the fish population thrives continually.

If you’re a fan of bass fishing, you’ll want to check out the west and north sides for the largest concentrations although good spots also exist along the shoreline. Beware that this spot is mainly a catch-and-release area, in case you desire a trophy. Remember, a marine fuel bladder will come in handy if you intend to spend numerous hours in the water.

Apalachicola River

This river is Florida’s largest in terms of the discharged water volume. If you’re seeking the most productive spots for fishing in this area, we recommend the upper river and the lower river. The lower river comprises the major river channel as well as the distributaries that produce the delta, including the East River and St. Marks River.

If you’re thinking of fishing from the shoreline, access is possible from the public docks on the waterfront. If you’re thinking of going on a long fishing journey, we recommend you invest in a fuel bladder for boats.

Lake Harris

This lake is the biggest when it comes to the Harris Chain of Lakes. While this spot might not be as popular, we recommend it because it doesn’t attract much boat traffic, unlike the more popular lakes for a reason.

Years back, the spot was more popular, but the fish population dropped due to various factors. Consequently, most anglers avoided the spot. Nevertheless, a combined effort to replant reeds has taken place in the past several years; this has helped replenish its fish population. Today, you’ll come across a lot of grass and lily pads, making it a scenic spot for quality fishing.

Ochlockonee River

The fast-flowing river flows into Apalachee Bay, Ochlockonee Bay, and ultimately into the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll find the river’s deep waters teaming with various species, making it a paradise for anglers. Since it passes through Apalachicola National Forest, miles of its undeveloped banks permit a broad range of fish to thrive in its waters. Next to the river’s mouth, you’ll find a blend of fresh, brackish, and saltwater.

It’s worth noting that the tides frequently bring saltwater fish into the river, allowing a diverse range of fish, including catfish, bass, trout, and redfish. Also, the richness of the estuary next to the river’s mouth offers a breeding ground for more fish species and shellfish.

If you’re wondering about the best fishing times in this river, we recommend you do so during summer and spring. A fuel bladder for boats will make your trip more memorable and enjoyable, so you’ll want to get one. We find the river suitable to fishing and canoeing with plentiful snags and deep water holes.

Lake Tohopekaliga

Also called Lake Toho, the 19,000-acre lake is part of the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, located south of Kissimmee City. The spot is famous for its high catch rate and massive largemouth bass among anglers. It’s no wonder numerous large tournaments take place at the lake.

The lake comprises two piers, five ramps, and several spots along the shore. You’ll find a lot of enhancements have been included to help draw fish in concentrated areas, making it easier to come across hopping spots while on your boat.

Orange Lake

The spot is recognized for heavy vegetation and the fishing quality is typified by valleys and peaks. Throughout a drought, its link to the Floridan Aquifer causes the lake to enter a drawdown period. During this period, fishing quality declines sharply.

However, once the water levels attain normalcy, the fishing opportunities increase considerably as well. If you’re thinking of fishing here, we recommend you examine the status of the lake’s water levels before leaving and carry a marine fuel bladder to save on fuel.

Lake Talquin

Situated west of Tallahassee, the reservoir is known nationally for its quality black crappie fishery. We suggest you fish between January and April if you want the best time for black crappie fishing. You’ll find minimal vegetation but a lot of logs and tree stumps. At particular times of the year, you’ll come across redear, largemouth bass, and white bass. It’s worth noting that all crappie that are below 10 inches in length need immediate release.

Fishing in Florida

To maintain healthy and flourishing fish populations, the relevant bodies in Florida implement regulations and rules as the need arises. We therefore recommend you familiarize yourself with them. It’s equally important to keep abreast of the latest fishing guidelines for the spot in which you’ll be fishing and take a marine fuel bladder with you for convenience.

Freshwater fishing is a relaxing activity in Florida that offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy some quiet and quality time with your friends and family. The best thing about fishing in Florida is that each location offers a unique fishing experience. Perhaps it’s time you took a break from shopping and the beaches and instead bring your friends and family on a memorable fishing adventure. Remember to carry a fuel bladder for boats during your fishing trip to avoid unnecessary inconveniences such as fuel running out.

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