Top 7 Places to Fish in Maine

Oct 16, 2023

Top 7 Places to Fish in Maine

Maine residents and visitors recognize the state for its dense forests, rocky coastlines, and scenic waterways. If you’re seeking numerous great spots for fishing across the Pine Tree State, we recommend it for all kinds of anglers. Whether you’re considering bait casting, ice fishing, or fly fishing, we recognize that the state has something for everyone. With rich saltwater and freshwater fisheries, the state’s fishing scene is certainly enviable. Depending on your fishing spot, you’ll come across smallmouth and largemouth bass, a range of perch, and other fish species. If you’re wondering where to fish and if a marine fuel bladder is needed, we highlight the top places worth considering and more. Keep reading…

marine fuel bladder - Top 7 Places to Fish in Maine

Rangeley Lake

Situated in Franklin County, we recommend this spot for trout fishing, though you’ll also come across perch, salmon, and bass. It’s worth noting that the lake derives its name from the fact that Rangeley town encircles the greater part of the lake.

We recommend the spot because it offers a range of fishing opportunities for potential anglers. You can rent a canoe or boat to fish on the lake or enjoy fishing from the shore. Although you’ll find that fly fishing is prevalent in this spot, ice-fishing opportunities exist as well. Remember to take your marine fuel bladder with you during your fishing adventure.

Thomas Pond

You’ll find this spot off U.S. Route 302 near Raymond and Casco towns. Although it’s comparatively small, we recognize it for abundant fishing opportunities. You can expect to catch brook trout, bass, whiter perch, and salmon. You want to bring various equipment and baits with you when fishing here. For instance, we recommend you carry a marine fuel bladder to facilitate your fuel needs.

With the right bait and equipment, you’ll catch the perch and bass that reside in the shallow areas of the lake together with the Atlantic salmon that reside in the deeper areas of the lake.

Sebago Lake

The lake is the deepest in Maine with a maximum depth of 316 ft. Situated in Cumberland County, the lake ranks as the second biggest in Maine by surface area. Due to its size, the lake is one of the few lakes that doesn’t freeze entirely during winter. You’ll also find various beach clubs and private campgrounds along its shoreline.

Besides salmon, you’ll find the lake stocked with different species of bass, trout, pike, and perch. It’s worth noting that state authorities allow anglers to catch invasive northern pikes as much as possible because of the damage they can cause to the ecosystem.

Moosehead Lake

You’ll find the lake in northwestern Maine in Piscataquis County. Besides remarkable wild scenery, the lake offers an opportunity for great fishing. You’ll also need to invest in our marine fuel bladder to ensure fuel efficiency.

Fly fishing can take place on its outlets during fall and spring or you could try spin fishing from a boat. We recommend spin fishing for brook trout and smallmouth bass while trolling is typically for Atlantic salmon or lake trout. Bear in mind that this spot is the centerpiece of an area full of streams, ponds, and lakes, resulting in abundant variety for enthusiasts. Ice fishing and fly fishing are both popular and you can fish trout from May to October in the waters. Bass fishing is equally accessible for most of these months.

East Grand Lake

The lake is in the far eastern region of Maine next to the border. Visitors frequently commend it for its excellent fishing and scenic beauty. You’re free to bring your fishing gear or rent equipment on one of the marinas. You can decide to launch a boat on this spot or locate a fishing spot along the lake’s shoreline. Some of the species you’ll come across include landlocked salmon, white and yellow perch, and numerous trout varieties.

Grand Lake Stream

This spot is legendary among fly fishers because of landlocked salmon. Anglers come from far and near to the waterway, which ranks among the best in North America. Due to its deep pools, you’ll find salmon throughout summer.

Megunticook Lake

The lake is in Knox County near Camden and Lincolnville towns and ranks as the biggest in Knox County. You can launch a boat onto the lake from its western or eastern shore where spinning or fly fishing are readily accessible. It’s worth noting that the lake offers great fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, and white perch.

You’ll also find brook trout, brown trout, and landlocked salmon in this spot. You should carry important accessories and equipment such as a fuel bladder for boats if you’re going to spend considerable time on the water.


Fishing and Camping in Maine

You’ll find fish most of the year in this state. However, the colder months generate challenges when it comes to RV camping. Beware of thick snowfall in January and February and ensure you equip your RV for formidable weather if you intend to do ice fishing. If you’re camping and fishing in Maine throughout the warmer months, we recommend you prepare for mosquitoes. For instance, repellent spray is a necessity, but you should try netted clothing for protection against insects.

Since the state is famous for its fishing opportunities and lakes, its parks typically fill fast. For this reason, we recommend you make reservations beforehand. Be sure to carry your fuel bladder for boats if you’re going on a long fishing journey.

Fishing Types in Maine

Charter Fishing

The easiest way of moving between various bodies of water and targeting various species is through a boat and the best approach to fishing in this state involves hiring the services of a charter operator. After all, these experts spend their lives exploring the waters, making them native to the area.

Besides being knowledgeable about Maine’s fishing, they equip you with reels, rods, and the necessary tips for a smooth fishing experience such as carrying a fuel bladder for boats along your fishing experience.

Ice Fishing

Although this state is known for its chilling winters, this hasn’t stopped fishing enthusiasts from doing what they love most. What’s more, you’ll find thousands of people flocking to the state’s frozen lakes yearly to fish.

Maine has miles of waterways, ranging from ponds and streams to massive lakes filled with abundant fish. If you want to access the best fishing spots, you might want to hire a registered guide or consult the locals. Remember to take a marine fuel bladder with you to add convenience to a memorable experience.

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