Top 7 Places to Fish in Montana

Sep 30, 2023

Top 7 Places to Fish in Montana

If you’re new to fishing in Montana, you’ll soon discover it’s a great experience. Whether you fish in a crystal-clear lake or a rushing stream, you’ll encounter magnificent scenery and abundant wildlife. With over 3000 reservoirs and lakes, we recognize that the state offers numerous angling opportunities for anglers of various levels. The best thing about fishing in this state is that you can do so throughout summer, spring, and fall depending on your selected fishing spot. If you’re wondering where to fish in this state, consider these top places. You should also consider a fuel bladder for boats.

Fishing in Montana

If you’re seeking diversity in terms of fishing spots, we recommend Montana’s diverse waters, ranging from spring creeks and alpine lakes to ribbon rivers. You’ll find miles of floatable water along with tiny tributaries with picturesque views.

The remarkable diversity in this state makes it an ideal fishing destination regardless of your skill level. The state is an angler’s paradise owing to the breathtaking views, ideal fishing conditions, and floatable water.

If you’re new to fishing in this state, we recommend you hire a professional guide to assist you. Before you head out fishing, we recommend you pack the appropriate gear and equipment such as a fuel bladder for boats to maximize your angling experience.

Beware that Montana’s weather can change fast from a cold morning to a sunny afternoon, so make sure you carry the appropriate clothing, including a backpack, polarized sunglasses, and lightweight shirts regardless of the season. Make sure you carry the necessary fishing equipment, including hooks, lines, bait, and a fuel bladder for boats. Remember, you’ll need your fishing license as well.

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Fishing Spots in Montana

Yellowstone River

Fishing in this spot is wise if you want variety. Here, you’ll access various species, gigantic trout, and breathtaking scenery.  The free-flowing river is one of the most active trout fisheries in North America. The source of this river, which is Yellowstone National Park, is one the best blue-ribbon fisheries worldwide. You’ll find that brown, rainbow, and cutthroat constitute the majority of fish at this place.

Gallatin River

You’ll have the opportunity to spend the day at a top-notch fishery once you visit this river. You might want to hire a guide because you’ll obtain help navigating the blue ribbon waters. Besides being full of abundant trout, the scenic area has crystal clear water and features abundant fish.

While it might not be possible to catch a trophy trout like other rivers, the fishing experience makes it a must-see destination. To avoid unnecessary hiccups, we recommend you carry a fuel bladder for boats for a memorable experience.

Beaverhead River

Here, you’ll enjoy the best fishing opportunities for brown trout. You’ll also come across high-quality rainbow trout. If you’re seeking a challenge, Beaverhead is the spot to be. You’ll find turns, twists, and cleaver trout.

Bighorn River

If you’re looking for some of the best hatches, Bighorn River is renowned for generating trophy-sized trout steadily. The popular spot attracts anglers from all over the world. With our reliable marine fuel bladder, you can wade through the gentle and clear Bighhorn waters for an extended period. Also, the bottom is loose and rocky, with considerable aquatic vegetation.

Big Hole River

We acknowledge how diverse and delightful this spot is in Montana. You find that the river has almost 3,000 miles of water where trout dominate. You’ll come across abundant rainbows, including rainbows and browns. You’ll notice that the diverse population features brook throat and well as graylings. Just remember to carry your marine fuel bladder with you for convenience.

Lake Hebgen

This lake is merely 15 miles from Yellowstone and is four miles broad at the broadest point. Since the lake is large, you can anticipate windy conditions. It’s worth noting that motorized boats will function best if you’re lake fishing.

If you lack a motorized boat, a kayak or pontoon will also function. Just make sure you’re ready to do some rowing. Regardless of whatever we do, float tubes don’t show up due to the surprise winds. Other fish you’ll come across include white-mountain fish and brook trout as well. You might want to carry a marine fuel bladder if you enjoy lengthy fishing.

Missouri River

North America’s river, the Missouri River, is a must-visit venue throughout your fishing trip in Montana. Situated 30 minutes west of Bozeman, this river provides trout fishing, especially for browns that voyage from the lake in October. Most anglers favor fishing in the 35-mile long stretch next to Holter Dam. Some of the fish species you’ll come across are catfish, carp, and largemouth bass.


Fishing Techniques in Montana

You’ll find that fly fishing is the technique associated most with Montana and its renowned trout rivers. Nonetheless, you can catch Montana trout using spinning tackle. The crystal-clear lakes in Montana coupled with reservoirs are dotted with large and small bass boats. The lengthy, cold winters mean considerable opportunities for ice fishing.

Smaller streams of snow melt feed most alpine lakes besides being stocked with lively-colored brook trout and cutthroat. While each lake is different, the technique that most people use to fish is the same. You’ll find cut throats traveling together in pods, typically circling drop-offs and circling shelves.

The ideal place for casting in such lakes is anywhere that permits anglers to drop their lines along a drop off while offering a good vantage point for locating spot cruising fish pods. The ideal spot would be at the feeder mouth stream because trout typically sit and try catching food entering the lake.

Fish Species in Montana

Trout are the most sought-after species in Montana. You’ll discover that the state is home to numerous kinds, including Yellowstone cutthroat, Westslope cutthroat, and bull trout, all of which are native species. You’ll find Westslope cutthroat and bull trout in streams and rivers while Yellow cutthroat exist on the east side. Other kinds of trout that experience abundance include brown and brook trout.

If you’re thinking of fishing in Montana and are seeking diversity and abundant fishing opportunities, our list will prove beneficial. Just don’t forget to carry a fuel bladder for boats to add to the convenience.

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