Shark Fishing Tips from the Pros

Apr 16, 2024

Shark Fishing Tips from the Pros

If you’re seeking the ultimate thrill of encountering an apex predator eye-to-eye, you might want to consider shark fishing. With over 500 shark species out there, there are plenty to help you enjoy unforgettable fishing experiences. While this sport allows you to test your skills against some of the most interesting and intimidating animals worldwide, we recommend you equip yourself with the right tackle and tools, along with the right mindset.

Remember, a lot goes into shark fishing, including reliable gear, a fuel bladder for boats, and bait, so you want to make sure you’re fully prepared. We highlight important tips to help you create lasting memories.

Shark Fishing Tips from the Pros - Fuel Bladder for Boats


Prep Work

We recommend you do some prep work if you want to catch sharks successfully. In particular, we suggest you do so the previous day before you set out in the early hours of the morning, giving you ample time to chum the waters in preparation for shark fishing.

Bear in mind that setting chum with the appropriate type of bait generates opportunities for an incredible fishing experience. It’s worth noting that prepping takes some time and hard work if you’re a novice at shark fishing.

Be Conscious of the Weather

Being conscious of the weather while shark fishing impacts your decisions considerably. We recognize that it’s particularly significant when chumming the waters throughout your prep. We recommend you read the weather once you’re out on the water (after and before). Recognizing the impact of the wind and tide conditions informs precisely when and where to expect shark activity.

When planning your fishing day, you must understand how the weather conditions will affect your preparations. We acknowledge that the forecast is never a guarantee, so recognizing when to make the appropriate adjustments could make all the difference. Besides being conscious of the weather, we recognize that a fuel bladder for boats can come in handy, so don’t forget to carry it with you.

Appropriate Gear

When planning for shark fishing, it might be tempting to get by with whatever you own already, hoping it will hold up throughout the day. While it’s understandable that purchasing new gear can be costly, it’s more costly to end the day early because of a broken rod. That’s why we recommend versatile and durable gear.

You might not intend to go shark fishing numerous times in the future, but if a shark is among them, it’s accompanied by other game fish that will need a similarly sturdy rod. Beyond the appropriate rod, bear in mind that we fear sharks for a reason: they comprise razor-sharp teeth. Eliminating a hook from those creatures can get ugly if you lack appropriate equipment.

Ensure you come with gloves for protecting your hands as well as a long-reach hook remover to keep out of harm’s way while removing hooks. Although it’s possible to forget, forgoing them could increase your chances of losing your fingers in the future. Remember, sharks aren’t your typical fish, so you can’t presume that you’ll be okay with your normal gear. In case you intend to go on a long trip, you want to invest in a fuel bladder for boats to avoid running out of fuel.


Cut or live bait is the most significant aspect of shark fishing. We recommend bluefish and mackerel as bait. However, anything oily will typically get the creatures biting. Almost anything meaty and bloody will work, including cobia and ladyfish. We also recommend you consider mounting a piece of cloth next to the hook to generate tempting water movements while concealing the hook from the shark’s vision.

Gear and Tackle

With modern advancements in fishing equipment and technology, you can do with smaller reels and rods along with a fishing line that features a narrower diameter while sustaining excellent strength. Therefore, you want to avoid the wrong equipment, which will only leave you frustrated. We recommend rods with the ability to accommodate heavy reels and sharks that you can load with a strong line.

Most anglers prefer braided lines because they feature less stretch, which is significant when there are 100 or more yards between you and the fish. Keep in mind that a marine fuel bladder is just as important when picking your gear to keep your fuel in check.

How to Avoid Shark bite-off

Move Fishing Spots

While this tip is the simplest, it’s the most effective. It’s known that the minute sharks move in on an angler’s spot, things can only get worse. If you’ve succeeded at getting some fish on your boat, we recommend you move spots before sharks move in on you. Once your catches begin falling victim to sharks, it’s a sign that you need to move spots instantly.

Most often, shark bite-offs are likely to worsen the longer you remain in each fishing spot. On the same note, don’t forget to carry a marine fuel bladder on your fishing trip.

Deterrent Devices

Deterrents don’t prevent sharks from penetrating a fishing area. However, they give you more time to land your fish, which is vital. To capitalize on these devices, we must rig them appropriately, position them with a meter of the bait, and have one hook in case you’re using a paternoster rig setup. Irrespective of deterrent use, the incidence of bite-off increases considerably the longer you maintain the same fishing spot.

Turn off your engine and sounder upon reaching the fishing spot

Sharks are known to sense sonar activity from sounders. At the same time, a running engine can attract them because they know that anglers will begin dropping a line. A vital step when it comes to avoiding sharks is being stealthy. If you’re confident in your engine’s reliability, turn it off at every spot together with the sounder. If you find it tricky to start your engine, don’t turn it on and just move spots often. We equally suggest you carry a marine fuel bladder for a convenient and memorable fishing experience.

Shark fishing can be thrilling if you understand the rules and regulations. Remember, certain shark species need a permit, which varies across states, so we suggest you familiarize yourself with the regulations that apply within your state. Also, you want to make sure you carry our fuel bladder for boats to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. If you’re new at shark fishing and are wondering where to start, consider these tips.

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