Top 7 Places to Fish in Washington State

Sep 15, 2023

Washington is home to some of the best fishing nationwide. With the numerous lakes, rivers, and streams, there’s no shortage of spots to cast a line. Furthermore, we recognize the diverse scenery and climate. It’s no wonder the popular destination appeals to anglers. You’ll come across various state parks and outdoor fishing spots throughout the state, making the location ideal for fishermen who enjoy all kinds of fishing, for instance, fly fishing. If you’re looking to enjoy freshwater fishing, you can’t go wrong with this state as your destination. Just remember marine fuel bladders are essential during your trip. If you’re wondering where to start, this list offers a great starting point.

Fishing Regulations in Washington State

If you’re thinking of fishing in this state, we recognize that various factors need consideration. For instance, we acknowledge the need for a state fishing license. You can buy a license at different retail locations or online. Also, we recognize the need to be aware of the release and catch limits in the state. Such limits help ensure that fish populations remain sustainable and healthy.

It’s worth noting that the state requires anglers to retain a catch record card, which must be returned to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife regardless of whether you catch a fish or not. A catch record card is an important tool that tracks recreational Sturgeon, Salmon, Halibut, and Dungeness Crab.

Besides tracking, we recommend you pay attention to the location in which you intend to fish and the policies surrounding the fish you intend to catch. We further recommend marine fuel bladders for those who enjoy long fishing trips.

Numerous waterways in Washington have particular season dates, catch-and-release rules, and catch limits, so we recommend you examine regulations before embarking on a fishing trip.

Fishing Techniques in Washington

Bottom Fishing

As the term suggests, this approach is meant for bottom dwellers. In case you want to test your fishing skills against species such as Lingcod, you have to adopt bottom fishing.

Fly fishing

If this is your go-to technique, Washington is the ideal state for this type of fishing technique. You find that virtually any fishery will grant you access to great fishing corners and trophy fish, for instance, Steelies or Rainbows. The best thing is that you can adopt this technique throughout the year. However, fall and spring yield the best results.

marine fuel bladders - Top Places to Fish in Washington State

Top Places to Fish

1.Deception Pass State Park

We recommend this stunning location to explore and enjoy the natural scenery. You’ll find the park situated on Whidbey Island and it’s recognized for its towering evergreens and dramatic cliffs. If you’re a visitor, we recommend activities such as camping, hiking, and picnicking in the park. You want to consider marine fuel bladders as well as you plan your trip to avoid unnecessary fuel hitches.

We recognize that the park also makes an excellent fishing spot. After all, the park offers various fishing opportunities. You’ll find three major lakes in the park, each with a different fish variety. For instance, Canoe Lake has rainbow trout, Cascade Lake has coho salmon, and Bridge Lake is full of cutthroat trout.

2. Lake Washington

For a long time, this lake has attracted the interest of professional and recreational anglers. Furthermore, it has a reputation for being one of the best spots for cutthroat and smallmouth bass fishing. The lake has diverse species and a vibrant ecosystem besides being home to various fish species. For this reason, it’s a great spot for anglers with varied interests.

We recommend the early morning hours as a great chance for fishing in this spot. We find that this lake has numerous fishing piers and boat launches along with well-distributed boat launches, permitting anglers to select their favored fishing spot. For an enjoyable and convenient fishing experience, you want to invest in a fuel bladder for boats whenever you go fishing.

3. Columbia River

The waterway is one of the most iconic in the Pacific Northwest and has played a significant role in the area’s culture, history, and economy. Today, it supports a flourishing fishing industry and remains a popular recreation destination for hikers, boaters, and campers.

If you’re looking to fish trout, salmon, or sturgeon, we recommend this spot, which is home to various species. Also, you’ll find numerous campgrounds nearby if you’re a camping fan.

4. Curlew Lake State Park

We recommend this popular fishing destination in Washington. You’ll find the lake stocked with cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, and kokanee salmon. You’ll equally find docks and a boat ramp for use. Keep in mind that fishing is permitted from the shore in chosen areas and the park is an excellent place for enjoying the outdoors. We recommend the park for various activities such as fishing, hiking, and picnicking.

5. Green Lake

If you’re a sports angler in Seattle, you might want to consider this spot. The stunning lake has a generous surface area and the best thing is that it’s possible to access the shoreline from anywhere. You’ll come across piers and have the chance to fish from the bank.

Beware that the lake doesn’t allow motorized watercraft, neither does it have boat ramps for trailered boats. If you’re a fishing enthusiast, you don’t want to forget a reliable fuel bladder for boats during your fishing adventures.

You’ll find the area around the lake equipped with different amenities, including cafes and restaurants, providing anglers with a great fishing experience. Whether you’re looking to fish brown trout, largemouth bass, channel catfish, or rock bass, the spot provides a year-round fishing season with good catches.

6. Lake Kapowsin

This fishing lake is one of the best in Washington. If you’re looking to catch rainbow trout, this spot is ideal. We recognize the spot is popular for fishing, hunting, and boating enthusiasts. It’s no wonder the destination lures visitors with its diverse natural habitat and lush shorelines.

We find the diverse fish species remarkable and the sport fish there will give you a memorable fishing experience. You’ll discover that marine fuel bladders add convenience to the memorable experience, so you want to include them in your adventure. You’ll find the lake teeming with yellow perch, walleye, rainbow trout, largemouth bass, etc.

7. American Lake

Situated near Tacoma, the lake has more than sufficient space for you to explore and enjoy nature while trying to catch your favorite fish species. We recommend it for the abundant opportunities to catch kokanee, trout, and bass.

Also, you’ll come across numerous accessible areas for bank fishing. Besides great fishing prospects, you’ll enjoy an array of amenities to enhance your experience. Besides angling, we recommend picnicking and swimming. The facility is open year-round, permitting fishing enthusiasts to enjoy every season.

Washington offers some of the most amazing waters for fishing enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or simply starting, the state offers something for everyone. You just need to know where to fish to enjoy a great fishing experience and carry your fuel bladder for boats with you for long fishing trips.

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