Top 7 Places to Fish on the West Coast

Nov 14, 2023

Top 7 Places to Fish on the West Coast

Fishing is a rewarding hobby if you’re an outdoor person. You’ll find it’s relaxing and it offers a wonderful experience. If you reside on the West Coast, we recommend you look into the range of fishing opportunities in this region. After all, this region is home to some of the best fishing spots. Moreover, the West Coast’s picturesque coastline offers one of the best fishing spots globally. Whether you’re a veteran or new at fishing, you can choose from rocky bays, open beaches, estuaries, and harbors. If you’re wondering where to fish on the West Coast, we provide a list of spots from which to choose. We’ll also touch base on our marine fuel bladder.

marine fuel bladder - Top 7 Places to Fish on the West Coast

Clear Lake

This natural freshwater lake is the largest in California. Also called the Bass Capital, you’ll find it situated in Lake County. If you’re the kind that’s fond of catching species such as white crappie and black crappie, we recommend this lake. Just make sure you remember to carry a marine fuel bladder to conserve your fuel.

La Jolla

This spot stands out as a premier spot in San Diego. You’ll find it offers a bountiful catch that ensures anglers return home with a good catch. We recognize that the captivating location provides a range of reasons to fish in its waters. Also, the beauty of this spot lies in the plentiful marine life and the diverse fishing choices available. Whether you want to fish from the shoreline or venture into deeper waters, we value the fact that there’s something for everyone.

While casting your line and waiting for the perfect catch, you’ll encounter stunning scenery and calming wave sounds. Another appealing aspect of fishing here is the year-round availability. Irrespective of the season, you can indulge in fishing here. After all, the favorable conditions and consistent climate make it a paradise throughout the year. Furthermore, the spot provides great opportunities for beginners and experienced anglers.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll find several various guides and charters ready to help you hone your skills. Beyond fishing, the place has a range of activities and attractions. We recommend an exploration of the breathtaking coastline or you could simply take part in water sports, for instance, kayaking. Remember, our marine fuel bladder will come in handy during your fishing experience.

Merced Lakes

The freshwater spot in San Francisco offers a great fishing opportunity. While fishing here, you’ll need a state license if you’re 16 years and above, and note that shore fishing isn’t permitted. If you’re seeking a great place to enjoy near the city, this spot is a great choice for San Francisco residents. The lake is situated in the southwest where you’ll find numerous anglers casting their fishing lines. Just remember to invest in our marine fuel bladder for fuel efficiency.

Beware that it might not be possible to fish from the lake shores. We recommend this spot because it offers a wide range of species such as striped bass, rainbow trout, and largemouth bass. If you’re looking to catch easily available species, you’ll want to catch the largemouth bass.

Fort Point Pier

If you don’t intend to go out fishing on a boat, we recommend a fishing pier. You’ll find some public piers such as Fort Point, also called Torpedo Wharf. You’ll find it situated at the Presidio where you can enjoy the view at the Golden Gate Bridge and take photos. Since it’s next to the bay entrance, you’ll have a chance to catch king salmon and striped bass.

The best times for catching them are around June and July. We recommend you keep abreast of the seasonal rules when it comes to fishing from such a pier. For instance, you can catch various crab species and keep them at this pier. However, Dungeness crabs need release if caught in the bay. Don’t forget to invest in a fuel bladder for boats, which will come in handy during your fishing retreat.

Mission Bay

We recognize this spot as a hidden gem with pristine shorelines that await your discovery. Besides being part of Mission Bay Park, anglers can cast their fishing lines while enjoying the abundant fishing opportunities it provides. We include this spot in our list because of its tranquil waters, which generate an ideal setting for anglers of different levels.

We encourage you to explore the different spots along the Bay’s shores, each providing a distinct fishing experience. Whether you want to cast your line from the land or your boat, various locations ensure you locate the ideal spot to get your catch. If you’re thinking of fishing for an extended period, we urge you to carry a marine fuel bladder with you for convenience.

Some of the prized catches here include the popular halibut, the elusive corvine, and bay bass, each adding some thrill to your fishing experience. Besides fishing, the spot addresses family needs, making it a great place for family vacations. From playgrounds and parks to biking trails and picnic spots, Mission Bay provides numerous enjoyable activities for everyone. Furthermore, its fishing excursions and recreational opportunities make it a well-rounded destination if you’re seeking a remarkable vacation.

Shelter Island Pier

You’ll find the spot nestled next to Point Loma-San Diego. The spot boasts one of the best fishing piers. The impressive pier extends an incredible 220 ft. from the shoreline, offering plenty of shipping for fishermen to cast their lines while enjoying a fantastic fishing experience. The well-equipped pier offers all the necessary amenities for a successful fishing outing. You’ll also come across a store that has everything you need for an enjoyable fishing experience, including a fuel bladder for boats.

When it comes to fishing, this Island pier doesn’t disappoint. Beyond fishing, this Island is a scenic location with breathtaking views of San Diego’s coastline and the close waters.

Fishing is a relaxing pastime activity that offers a memorable experience. You just need to identify the right spot if you’re fishing on the West Coast. With the right equipment and accessories such as a fuel bladder for boats, you’ll certainly enjoy your time.

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